Retain Customers

Turning one time customer into repeating customers

How to encourage customers to buy again.

Another way to sell more is to encourage customers to come back to your site.
Customers that come back to your site are more familiar with your products and services,
the have knowledge of your brand. They trust your brand.

How can we encourage to come back to the site and buy again?

The key to this is to understand why they bought from you in the first place. By understanding your existing customers, you can understand their motives
and what they found appealing.

Once we know these we can target these customers and entice them to buy more.

How do you convert one time customers into returning ones?
How do you get existing customers to shop on your website again?

  • What can we use to understand our customers?
    • What encouraged them to buy?
      • Flash sales
      • Seasonal reasons
      • What demographic do your customers fall under
      • Do they have a preference for particular products
      • What assumptions can you make regarding your customers
      • Which emails from your newsletter are opened more and why

The above questions should help you think about encouraging customers to come back & understand them better. The key take here is to understand your customers from the outset, looking for buying patterns identifying demographics.

In understanding your customers you will understand how to sell more and turn these customers into an extension of your marketing machine as they talk about your brand & great shopping experience.