Sell More

Boosting sales

The ultimate goal of  business is to generate sales, when sales stop so does business. If you’re have an ecommerce how can you ensure that not only do sales not disappear but grow? The scenario goes something like this, you have a great brand selling great products, you have done research, you understand your products and the market, don’t forget the hard work. 

Now it’s time make good on the hard work and investment put into the business. When it comes to E-Commerce, what are the necessary steps needed to make sales happen then to continue grow sales over time? 

Site visitors


Starting at the start, the more visitors the better chance we have to generate large enough revenues to sustain the online business. Some options to consider in getting visitors to the site:

  • Social media posts
  • Email newsletters 
  • Social ads
  • Search ads

With each option there are benefits and draw backs, having a plan in place and accurately measuring the resulting is very powerful and can give you a edge in generating predictable traffic. 

Converting Visitors into sales


The end result of the effort put into generating visits to the site is to convert these visitors into sales. How can we entice them to click buy on something they will love buying?


  • Make the buying experience enoyable and smooth
  • Having simple and evocative description
  • High quality product images

After Sales – Measure, Measure, Measure


Once sales start, we should measure and extract information from the sales. Any relevant information should be considered. From origin of the visit to why did they buy. We can then use this information to predict sales, find similar customers and boost sales.